Survival Instructions

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Survival Instructions

Survival Instructions | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

You have seen those people on television. They are dropped into the wilderness with nothing more than a knife. Deserts, forests, mountains, highlands, lowlands, the frozen tundra; they must adapt to the elements and their surroundings no matter which climate presents itself. Believe it or not, despite their amazing skills and abilities, they too were once students of survival instructions. Metal Gear Armory has experienced staff to teach all the skills needed to survive and thrive in any hostile environment.

Key survival instructions can include using maps, creating shelter, hunting, trapping, edible plant identification and so much more. The survival instructions you receive throughout all survival training exercises is to be retained in order to save lives in the future. Did you know that drinking from the wrong water source can be deadly? We can help teach you the practical steps to outdoor water purification. Do you know how to use the stars as a compass? Have you ever used a map with only the sky as a reference point?

With the survival instructions you will receive through Metal Gear Armory you can feel confident in any type of life or death situation where you are exposed to the elements. Exposure kills thousands of recreational hikers and campers each season. It is our sincere hope that anyone looking to find adventure in the great outdoors comes and tries out one of our classes. Lives depend on clear judgment and decision making when faced with nature’s elements. Learn to live and survive in the wilderness with our great staff!

Columbus, OH, is our home and we are proud to say it. If you’re interested in learning skills that can help protect you and your loved ones then get in touch with Metal Gear Armory. Get ready with us!

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