Firearms Repair

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Firearms Repair

Firearms Repair | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

You probably already know, but any gun enthusiast will tell you, that guns break. In fact, guns break about as easily as any other power tool or machine with moving mechanical parts. Perhaps you have just shot too many rounds off without proper maintenance and now you need a complete reworking of the billet and barrel. It’s okay because it happens to the best of us. Our firearms repair specialists will have your gun working and back in your hands quickly.

Our staff is certified by the American Gunsmithing Institute, AGI, and can fix almost any gun, old or new. We not only specialize in broken guns, but guns that have simply fallen into disrepair and need a “tune up” so to speak. Many older guns are found in non-working condition throughout North American attics and garage crawl spaces. Guns of the past usually have history attached to them. We can help you restore a memento from the days gone by to its former glory. Our gunsmithing and firearms repair services work.

Our machine shop can make custom barrels, mill receivers, or create new parts for weapons no longer available. We not only deliver on the service, but our prices are top notch. We ask that if you find a store as well qualified as our own that offers more competitive prices then give us the chance to match it them. Let us show you our abilities and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. If you have one gun or twenty guns, we will service them all, old or new.

In Columbus, OH, Metal Gear Armory is the all-inclusive stop for all your firearms repair needs. Contact us and stay locked and loaded!

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