Firearm Instructions

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Firearm Instructions

Firearm Instructions | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

Firearm instruction begins with firearms safety training. Accidents in the gun world can obviously be fatal. We teach and demonstrate all basic and advanced gun safety methods to our students and insist they are followed while within our facility.

Our firearms training courses are unique and require that the utmost focus and safety be enforced to prevent injuries on the range. Most ranges limit their shooters with very small usage parameters. Their methods do not represent real world situations and will not prepare you for one. In our course, quality firearm instructions are delivered to you simply along with demonstrable instructor led exercises. We want you to learn and grow through your firearm training.

The responsibility of carrying and using a firearm is great. It is important to always keep in the mind the famous maxim, “It is better to have a firearm and not use it than to need a firearm and not have it.” Firearm instructions through Metal Gear Armory is not only a thorough less on safety and accuracy, but agility and stamina. Our courses are tough, but they’ll prepare you for the real world.

Tactical gun courses offer a much more realistic attempt at mirroring real world situations. If you are in the military or law enforcement then we invite you to come out and practice on one of our dynamic courses. We appreciate the people who serve our country and community, therefore we offer a discount for all those with proper military or police identification. If our courses can help individuals who carry guns for a living, then imagine what the training could do for your skills.

A firearm instructions course is enjoyable and educational when you’re with our highly regarded and trained staff. Knowing your way around a firearm can save your life one day. In Columbus, OH, there is no better firearm construction than through Metal Gear Armory. Make it a priority and check out our programs!

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