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About Us | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

Education and learning should be a lifelong pursuit. If you have ever been interested in firearms and survival training then Metal Gear Armory should be your next call. Take your learning to an extreme level and be put through the paces by our qualified staff. Are you in need of a refresher course on gun maintenance? Perhaps you have a broken gun that needs attention. When it comes to gun repair, maintenance, and instruction we have all the bases covered. The only question is, “Are you prepared?”

We offer survival training courses ranging from one to ten days in length. Being able to eat food, drink water, provide shelter and maintain warmth are the fundamental skills to surviving in any wilderness scenario. Our staff will not only instruct you on the technical side of survival training, but the emotional as well, which few others can teach properly. It’s all about attitude when it comes to survival, and our experts at Metal Gear Armory have what it takes to stay alive in any situation.

We have 12 years of experience in the firearms and survival business. We offer discounts for military personnel and police officers, and are proud to be located in the Columbus, OH, area. Find us now!

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