Carpe Diem - When it comes to firearms training and repair, we have you covered.

Firearms Repair

Firearms Repair | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

You probably already know, but any gun enthusiast will tell you, that guns break. In fact, guns break about as easily as any other power tool or machine...

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Firearm Instructions

Firearm Instructions | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH

Firearm instruction begins with firearms safety training. Accidents in the gun world can obviously be fatal. We teach and demonstrate all basic and...

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Survival Instructions

Survival Instructions | Metal Gear Armory - Columbus, OH,OH

You have seen those people on television. They are dropped into the wilderness with nothing more than a knife. Deserts, forests, mountains, highlands,...

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Welcome To Metal Gear Armory

Our liberties are tested every single day. We believe that citizens of the United States should be able to enjoy the freedom and protection that carrying and using firearms provides. Take responsibility for yourself and the people you care about by gaining the knowledge and training necessary to be a skilled and knowledgeable gun owner. These are uncertain times, but we at Metal Gear Armory are proud to say that we can help you maintain your personal liberty.

When it comes to firearms training and repair, we have you covered. Our staff has been trained and certified by the American Gunsmithing Institute and has many years of experience repairing and replacing gun parts. Do you have a historically rich firearm that you would love to shoot once again? Perhaps you had an incident in the field with your firearms and now need an adjustment made to regain accuracy. We can help you. Even if the part you need is no longer available we can build custom parts to fulfill your need.

Our firearms training will provide you with the safety precautions and procedure necessary to pull the trigger in comfort. We can help you improve accuracy, reload times, and your overall ease while operating a firearm.

One of the best services we offer at Metal Gear Armory is our survival training. If you have ever wanted to test your limits or just be prepared for any situation, then the skills and training you will learn with our dedicated staff will prove invaluable. Much of survival is about composure, vigilance, and hope. Believe it or not, simply knowing how to start a fire won’t save you if you don’t relax and stay calm. This is the lesson in confidence that survival training with Metal Gear Armory will teach you.

We are in Columbus, OH, and are eager to hear from you. Our slogan is “Carpe Diem”, so seize the day and give us a call to start learning how to survive!

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